In between


Marble plate, chair

15 pieces, 100 × 55 × 30 ㎝ each

Klooster, Watou, Belgium
Watou kunst en Poezie Zomer: Past in Present, Watou, Belgium

In between, the title of Echigo’s work is a collection of fifteen church chairs and fifteen marble gravestones. Each gravestone has a date carved in it. Different from the graves in the churchyard across the street from Watou’s old cloister, Echigo’s stones come with a first date, a birth date only, and no names. Inspired by the local breweries that together produce thirteen different beers, Echigo made an installation that relates to the locality and typicality of this West Flemish region (by carving each beer’s birth year on a gravestone), and, more importantly, created a daunting atmosphere that leaves no visitor untouched. The great absentee in this work is death, which makes its presence even more tangible. Awkwardly, the serene character and somber execution of In Between add something humane, personalized, and confrontational to the work. Suggestively, Echigo confronts us with our own mortality, our own destination in life. Or not. These are open, lingering graves, maybe never to be closed for anyone or anything. Then, time will continue to pass through our present.


Text by Jan Van Woensel

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Photo: Koen de Waal