Steel, salvages furniture

(front to depth)
154 × 107 × 110 ㎝
57 × 164 × 146 ㎝
80 × 52 × 113 ㎝
173 × 117 × 46 ㎝
132 × 72 × 138 ㎝
172 × 100 × 120 ㎝

National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy
Gallerie extraspazio, Rome, Italy

Furniture, which has inside space, possesses a function to contain objects. As many Museums are so, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome uses many kinds of furniture to contain their archival documents. But I got a chance to be handed over old useless furniture from the Museum so that nowadays the most of their archive was memorized into the computer and they have not needed space to contain paper documents or caption plates of artists and its works any more. Then I proposed an installation used 6 pieces of furniture and its context. Each one of them is combined a steel construction that was the much same volume of the each internal container’s space. The constructions aim to show their immanent nature, of that which does not exist outside the reality of which it is part.


“Masashi Echigo’s wandering existence seems to be guided by the conviction that each object, more than any other narrative, has the singular capacity to evoke lived moments. Travelling around Europe for some years, the artist has gathered and restored each experience through individual installations that are able to dialogue with the context in both spatial and emotional terms, balanced between art and architecture. Each experience is linked to the previous ones in the formation of a complex and enigmatic map that recounts the relationship between Echigo and the host cities, the empathy established with people, but above all a sort of initiatory journey through the play of a ceaseless oscillation between outward and inward glance.”


Text by Emilia Giorgi

immanence01 immanence02 immanence04 immanence06 immanence07 immanence21

Photo: Riccard Ragazzi