Collected paper, glass

each 10 x 10 x 13 cm / 8 elements

Zwarte Zaal, Ghent, Belgium
Gallerie extraspazio, Rome, Italy

My first impression of the City of Rome was the streets littered with trash.  Then, I had collected crapped peace of papers on different streets because of I found the some of the paper were written something memorandum as like someone’s shopping list, telephone number or short message to another. After my collection over 100 peaces, I selected some of these crapped papers and asked a glass craftsman close it in different glass balls. The installation aims to re-situate the streets at another place and expresses lots of useless memory in its life, which was found in the historical city, Rome.

Masashi Echigo Masashi Echigo Masashi Echigo

Photo: Koen de Waal