Internet cable, stainless steel
Dimensions variable

Be – Part Platform voor actuele kunst
Waregem, Belgium

For a show, The Morning News, I tried to transform a specific local play with Internet cable to my work. For the first time, “The internet brings us everywhere and units locals as a global.” the curator, Lumi Tan, suggested to me a general idea of the show and I researched the area of Waregen, in which the Museum locates, from industrial, cultural and traditional parts. It brings me an idea to use internet-cable as material that the area has developed by textile manufacture and has built Information Technology industry recently. In addition, through talks with local people, I found a traditional play called scoubidou. Using a way of knitted colorful strings by hand, I knitted internet-cables to be a 70 meters length scoubidou. Then, the work was installed to hang the Museum’s building over.

Interweave01 Interweave02 Interweave03 Interweave04

Photo: Christian Redtenbacher