Public sharing of private monopoly


Tikar (Indonesian mattress), light box, Foots of western table

90 × 122 × 21 ㎝ (Light box)
80 × 190 × 14 ㎝ (part of Tikar)

3 locations in the city, Jogjalarta, Indonesia

If you visit Indonesia, you will find different types of stalls on the streets. It is called Angkingan and has a function of easy cooking. Angking means bringing stuff to sell in Indonesia. They spot a place in public space without a public permit and spread carpets for their customers. To use public space as private one by spreading carpets was attracted my mind so that to sit on the ground is a common consciousness in Middle East Asia and it is include our common feeling to seize private spot on a carpet. I tried to transform this social situation on the streets to my project in Jogjakarta. The plan was to cover 3 public billboards at different locations by local carpets. Each billboard had publicity toward Public and my action with 5 Indonesian assistants was to attach more than 30 carpets on the publicity. It works personal temporary possession without any commercial message.

Masashi Echigo Publicsharing01 Publicsharing02 Publicsharing03

Photo: Akiq AW and Doni Maulistya