People looking through their legs


Wood, brass, framed photo

(Part of sculpture/ top to bottom)
277 × 15 × 15 ㎝
205 × 15 × 15 ㎝
269 × 15 × 15 ㎝
(Part of photo)
32 × 42 × 3 ㎝
32 × 42 × 3 ㎝

Foundation Liedts-Meesen, Zebrastraat
Ghent, Belgium

This work was created based on my experience at Budanon Trust. The Budanon Trust runs an Artist-in-residency program and the studio locates on wild Australian nature in the southeast of Australia. I had walked in the forest every morning during my stay. Sunlight filtering through trees shined fallen trees and there were plenty holes on the ground as used to the habitation of wild animals. Till the end of my stay, I had never caught sight of animals from the holes. There remains the view in my mind and photos I took during my walk in my hands.  The work reminds me of my memory in the forest and aims to share the experience with the viewers. 

People01 People02 people03

Photo: Koen de Waal