Slow path



40000× 2200 × 1500 ㎝

ARPIA 2011, 2012, Zottegem, Belgium

When an artist works for a project what is called Public-Art, he would start seizing an opportunity from the history, folklore, culture or customs of the place or bring his own work from his studio to prove his identity. For this project, I took the third way to work in Public. The location, Helzale, is a Belgium provincial side and has Flamish landscape-steep slope hills, running horses and the Silver Birch trees on the streets. I wandered about aimlessly following a map as my first step, then I encountered an end of a street but still found it on the Map. The final analysis I knew that the street was closed by being no longer in use. So I decided my behavior as an artist is making a suggestion to reopen the street by the local way of building Slow Path. The Slow Path is a popular wooden construction to walk in muddy areas.  The work looks like a just local way and hard to find an artist.

Slowpath01 Slowpath02

Photo: Annelien Vermeir