There is no smoke without fire


Wooden hut, greenhouse, unicycle, printed photo, agricultural tools

1100 × 1800 × 5500 ㎝ (Installation)
1290 × 496 × 615 ㎝ (part of unicycle)
770 × 496 ㎝ (Part of photo)

Setouchi Trinnial 2013, Shodoshima, Japan

In Shodoshima, the one of the islands in the Setouchi sea in Japan, tobacco leaves was cultivated very flourishingly after and before the Second World War. It was congenial to the land of this island, and the cultivation of tobacco leaves was able to produce excellent quality. It was to have found the wooden hut to dry tobacco leaves that was a chance for me to know the history of this cultivation. On the top of the hut, there is a characteristic small roof for smoke to come it out from a pot causing smoke below to dry the tobacco. It is another framework of greenhouses that is made to cover the hut as the center of the space.
Tobacco leaves were not made by a decrease in help and the change of the price, and the greenhouse came to be built on the land which was not used for the cultivation of the chrysanthemum. In the frameworks, tools used for the agriculture and photos at the time when a real worker was can really watch what is put in a unicycle in this district. The lecture hall of the elementary school which is a display place has already become the closing a school from the decrease of the child, but the installation picks up memory to sleep to this land and people who live on the land.

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Photo: Kimito Takahashi