Collected wooden sheds, parts of house

400 × 1560 × 2000 ㎝

Factory Kunst Halle Krems, Krems, Austria

Sometime, my creativity does not decide to select materials but materials bring me an idea.  In a very beautiful Austrian town, Krems, it was hard to find objects on the streets. Even the owner of vacant houses did not allow me to enter the building by the reason of security. I left the center and found some wooden shed in the wine field on the outskirt of the town. It was used as a break room for the farmer but also to storage different objects like wooden beams, broken chandelier, door or windows. With the owners’ allowance, I deconstruct and brought the sheds into a gallery space. In the space, two large wooden sheds lay itself down on their sides and the found objects spill out from the bottoms. That was my vision after collecting those materials.


“What is this room installation about? Masashi Echigo’s basic artistic position places exterior and interior spaces in relation to one another. The magic of his room installations derives from the confrontation of inside with outside. He attempts to bring together the past and the present on one level. Thus the thematic spectrum of time and history is always compelling in his work. Masashi had never been in Austria before, nor does he speak German. He is always amazed how communication actually functions despite language barriers. And Masashi characterises the communication outside the protective space of the studio as an important part of his art. This is the reason why, in the end, he had the idea of condensing this period of research into a room installation. Masashi describes ideas as fragile, extremely fugitive moments that are always a significant part of his process-directed art.”

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Photo: Christian Redtenbacher