The absence


Steel bookshelves, standing lights

180 × 450 × 230 ㎝

Lokaal 01, Antwerp, Belgium
Museum Het Domein SITTARD, Sittard, the Netherlands

The work of Masashi Echigo is often about memory and remembrance, about observation and observance. With this work he managed as well to describe the existence of the space he worked in, in an exciting prolific way. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is an expression people use for the fact that the time you spent apart makes you care for a person even more… For this, the expression could be interpreted as if the absence of what’s in between the structure and its shadow is a whole world of things that got lost on their way or for a world of memories and perhaps, mythical stories. 


Text by Frederik Vergaert

The absence01 The absence02 The absence03

Photo: Thomas Uyttendaele